Resistell AG announces start of Performance Evaluation Study

Resistell AG, the start-up developing the world’s fastest phenotypic Antibiotic Susceptibility Test (AST), has started the Performance Evaluation Study (PES) of its groundbreaking nanomotion technology at Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), Switzerland. The PES is the last step before market entry of the technology that will revolutionise treatment selection for bloodstream infections.

The study will bring together some of the leading organisations in the medtech space with Resistell, one of the Top 10 ranked startups in Switzerland (Swiss Startup Award 2020), joining forces with HEMEX, one of the leading bench-to-market Life Science development firms in the Swiss ecosystem, to perform the study at CHUV, one of the Top 10 ranked hospitals in the world.

HEMEX has supported Resistell with the design and submission of the clinical study, and now the project team are all very much looking forward to having HEMEX monitor the clinical trial over the next 12 months and bring it to successful completion. Having received approval from the Ethics Committee, we are excited to start the study and collect extensive clinical evidence to enable our cutting-edge technology to reach the market. By providing a rapid AST, Resistell will enable patients with bloodstream infections and sepsis to receive the optimal medication sooner, saving lives and changing the future of diagnostics.

“HEMEX recognises the challenges early-stage start-ups face when entering the clinical development phase. As a CRO, HEMEX is proud to support start-ups like Resistell throughout their Performance Evaluation Study to help them bring great technology to the global market, improving diagnosis for patients. We are looking forward to the study starting as the hospital team prepares to collect some of the first patient samples. Monitoring the data entry and specific study objectives will help Resistell collect the clinical evidence needed, enabling them to continue on their mission of making rapid AST diagnosis the new norm and reducing AMR”, said Pascal Winnen, CEO at HEMEX.

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Resistell AG announces start of Performance Evaluation Study