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Our rapid AST saves lives by finding the right antibiotic on time and reduce spreading of antibiotic resistance
Resistell proposes an alternative to culture based antibiogram, the current gold standard in antibiotic susceptibility testing. Our offering is a diagnostic device. The rapid AST method is based on the detection of movement caused by living bacterial cells. Because the test is growth independent rapid AST, we reduce the time taken to get a result from days to minutes. Resistell provides information on which antibiotic should be used to treat the patient, and the concentration at which it should be administered.
It is estimated that at least 700 000 people die every year from the infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria. If no action is taken the death toll may reach 10 million a year by 2050. It is more than the number of people currently dying from road traffic accidents and cancer together.
O'Neill 2016
Swiss Technology Award 2018
We are pleased to announce that Resistell was selected in the Top 3 Inventors category at the Swiss Technology Award 2018, the most prestigious technological award in Switzerland. Resistell was recognised for its groundbreaking invention of rapid nano motion based antibiotic susceptibility testing (Rapid AST) that will change the future of medicine.
Ten Venture Leaders will represent Switzerland in Boston in June. Meet us there!

Meet Venture Leader Danuta’s Cichocka Fast Diagnostics of Antibiotic Resistance’s Startup

Ten Venture Leaders will represent Switzerland in Boston in June. Meet Danuta Cichocka, co-founder and CEO of Resistell. Learn more on phenotypic antibiotic susceptibility test and Danuta’s expectations on her roadshow in Boston in June 2019.

Dr. Danuta Cichocka
Dr. Danuta Cichocka
CEO, Co-Founder
  • CAS in Management of Biotech, Medtech & Pharma Ventures
  • Post-Doc at KU Leuven, Belgium
  • PhD in Environmental Microbiology (UFZ, Germany),
  • Over 12 years of professional experience in microbiology research, research management and biotechnology policy development (European Commision, Brussels)
Grzegorz Gonciarz
Grzegorz Gonciarz
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Business strategist
  • Startup coach and mentor
  • Expert in building and engaging engineering teams
Dr. Michael Siegert
Dr. Michael Siegert
Head of Clinical R&D
Luca Crevatin
Luca Crevatin
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Overuse of antibiotics 'risks return to dark ages of life-threatening surgery'

Warning comes as report shows 3 million common surgical procedures could be hazardous if infections become resistant to antibiotics.

We face a return to the dark ages of life-threatening surgery unless we can preserve the infection-killing powers of antibiotics, according to England’s chief medical officer.

image source: www.theguardian.com
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